Apr. 16

Flesh Explorations

These pieces are built upon the idea of layers, reflecting the layers and depth within Tim Hecker's and Ben Frost's work.

I remember having a particular nightmare as a child, where I was (from a first person view) floating through fiery tunnels, movement reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D (coincidentally, Dad played this with my brother and I watching). It was like being in an inferno maze of sorts, without an escape, each turn led to even more tunnels connected, leading to even more.

The colours of “In Flesh And Blood I" were subconsciously influenced by this experience. I remember how awful and red the nightmare was, blood red, orange flares, yellow streaks of heat.

That's how I've tried to produce the first few works inspired by Frost’s work, with colours that sicken me, colours raw and fleshy like within my own body.

Themes of isolation, loneliness, and fear, I feel are also strong throughout their works. I’ve made such themes a focus of the pieces; they resonate well with me, as they are core parts of the human experience.

There's a sense of calm in moments seen in Hecker's “Incurably Optimistic!", “Celestina”, notably his “Dropped Pianos" album, "No Drums". His album “Virgins" punches and bites, considerably darker and colder than previous works. I’ve tried to show this in the photographic pieces, the loneliness, the space, yet that cold night air remains.

Contrasting the calm, Frost’s violently seizes the listener, tearing at your barrier, personal fortress, and brings out your inner self, the primal, the core 'you’. I’ve yet to experience another artist who could do this. Works like “By The Throat”, “In Flesh And Blood”, Theory Of Machines” — such sheer power! Each work is a predator that leaves you wanting more; each satisfied by your capitulation.

Their music can unlock a plethora of emotions — the good, the bad — and I revel in it all, often finding myself laying still in the dark letting the music wash over and through me.

Order, disorder, chaos, harmony, it’s all happening in both’s aural tapestries; my pieces only just skim the depth of this, there’s rich layers yet to reveal themselves.

I’m proud of these works, and would strongly recommend others to listen to these masters of sound.

Listen to Ben Frost’s “In Flesh and Blood” here (Youtube) and Tim Hecker's "Stab Variation" here (Youtube)

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