Oct. 15


When I was asked to make some images for Forage Press I immediately thought of Wovenhand. Not that difficult as I think about Wovenhand about a thousand times a day!

Music is one of the most important things in my life, especially Wovenhand. David Eugene Edwards, while playing seated has taught me how to stand up. He has taught me what "faith" means. Wovenhand is not only another band, it is a life experience.

So, what you see here is not an illustration. This is absolutely not what Wovenhand sounds like; this is even not how WH sounds to me. This is about how I sound when listening to them.
I owe them a lot.

Listen to Tin Finger by Wovenhand here (Youtube)

Isebelle Menin 01
Isebelle Menin 02
Isebelle Menin 03
Isebelle Menin 04
Isebelle Menin 05