Jan. 14


I did not look at 'Kevikur' as an album in a song-by-song way, I considered it as one journey into a humming dystopian world with only a glimmering spark of bitter hope for release. As I am not able to speak or understand the icelandic tongue, it was for the first time that i didn't have have any lyrics to forge visual content from. Nonetheless, I chose to give my drawings the mood of a 'Kveikur' (engl. Candlewick), a small light surrounded by darkness, but also a small light to cling on to.
So these following drawings only represent a small amount of images which appeared in my mind during my earthy Kveikur experience and they're only inspired by the atmosphere wafting from these songs (but it's not one drawing for a certain song).

Max Loeffler 01
Max Loeffler 02
Max Loeffler 03
Max Loeffler 04
Max Loeffler 05
Max Loeffler 06
Max Loeffler 07