Mar. 17

Mammut Americanum, 10,000 AD

Mastodon, a name given to the now extinct species of elephants that dominated the North American landscape with their massive tusks and hairy beastly ways, but also the name of a extreme metal band conceived from the murky waters of the roughly the same area as it's predecessors. A band, which also dominates in some mighty beastly and hairy ways.

Mastodon the band, usually spoken about in the all too common description of "defying genres", is a band where such descriptions truly do apply. Harvesting elements of sludge, doom, rock, stoner, prog and death to name a few, Mastodon blend a multitude of elements together in their own high powered metal cooker and serve their wicked smoothie with a five knuckle punch into the aural crevices of their listeners. Mastodon's music takes you on a psychedelic journey which weaves together stories of mythology, legend and spirits, stories inspired both by history but also conceived from the bands own imagination.

The brief I set for myself for this article was to design custom typography that reflects the intricate details that Mastodon's music is layered with. I wanted to create a system of letters that can be set in various styles to convey and express the bands dark lyrics. I hope that in some some aspect I have done them justice.

In the end, no matter how you describe Mastodon's music, one thing that is evident when you turn the volume up, their music was created by a group of musicians filled with passion and energy, on a mission to rock our world with their own special brew.

The following is my extreme typographic brew.

Tomi Lahdesmaki 01
Tomi Lahdesmaki 02
Tomi Lahdesmaki 03
Tomi Lahdesmaki 04
Tomi Lahdesmaki 05
Tomi Lahdesmaki 06
Tomi Lahdesmaki 07
Tomi Lahdesmaki 08
Tomi Lahdesmaki 09
Tomi Lahdesmaki 10
Tomi Lahdesmaki 11
Tomi Lahdesmaki 12
Tomi Lahdesmaki 13
Tomi Lahdesmaki 14
Tomi Lahdesmaki 15