Record Store Day Special

In honour of International Record Store Day, Forage Press decided to release a special article celebrating independent business and the experience of digging and discovering records.

We asked six creatives from the Forage Press catalogue to seek out and purchase a used 12" vinyl record, to be used as a canvas for a new visual creation—a visual remix of sorts.

Below are the results:

Landscape Studio: Danny Heines "Aqua Touch"
Source: Groove Merchant Records, San Francisco, CA

Andrew Johnson: New Order "Power, Corruption & Lies
Source: Aquarius Records, SF

Andrew Khosravani: In the Mood for Dancing
Source: Charity Shop, London

Jeremy Kohm: Chackfield Plays Bacharach
Source: J Dy Antique & Collectibles, Toronto

Stan Zienka: Shanghai River "Binary Code Will Enslave All of Humankind"
Source: 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, Oakland, CA

Tomi Lahdesmaki: Tomita "Ravel"
Source: Broadway Market record stand, London

FPS Landscape 01
FPS Landscape 02
FPS Andrew Johnson 01
FPS Andrew Johnson 02
FPS Andrew Khosravani 01
FPS Andrew Khosravani 02
FPS Jeremy Kohm 01
FPS Jeremy Kohm 02
FPS Stan Zienka 01
FPS Stan Zienka 02
FPS Tomi Lahdesmaki 01
FPS Tomi Lahdesmaki 02