Jul. 03

The Root

When I first heard Voodoo, D’Angelo’s second album, I listened to it on repeat for days. Even now, two years later, I hear new sounds, new whispers, new ideas each time I listen to it. I find it very inspiring that the music, lyrics and concept are so carefully structured and put together, everything is so complex but yet it seems so simple. 
This triptych of patterns is an interpretation of a portion of the lyrics (and music) of the song ‘The Root’. I always thought the lyrical juxtapose between usual, everyday sensations and the biblical and creation motifs was very interesting and to some extent ties in with my own work. In these collages I do not use all the elements mentioned in the song, but I try to reinterpret them and make new connections. 

“From the pit of the bottom, that knows no floor
Like the rain to the dirt, from the vine to the wine
From the Alpha to creation, to the end of time, 
To the end of time”

Listen to D’Angelo’s ‘The Root’ here (Youtube)

Oana Clitan 01
Oana Clitan 02
Oana Clitan 03