Jun. 17

Seismic Trace

Seismic Trace originates from audio track December: 12-14-11.  This series uses the components of noise (distortion, feedback, static, and pitch alteration) to dictate the drawing process used.  Like a needle of a seismometer, frantic hand motions and layered materials map sound. 
Distortion of sound is visually interpreted by pouring liquids and blurring lines and form.  Feedback is created through repetitive and reversed actions.  Static is enhanced through erasing and layering imagery.  Pitch alteration is shown through thin jagged lines and fast and slow motions.
This series is created in collaboration with sound artist, David Schafer.  By using this audio track to generate visuals, Seismic Trace reveals transformations of material in an effort to sporadically trace and interpret noise. 

Richelle Gribble 01
Richelle Gribble 02
Richelle Gribble 03