Jul. 24

A tribute to Electric Masada

I chose Hath Arob from Electric Masada’s ‘At the Mountain of Madness’ album as the inspiration. As I love the chaos that it creates together with the suffocating and restless atmosphere which will bring your blood to boil. While behind this craziness, there’s a great order being laid, an order about communication.

Last year, Electric Masada played live as part of Zorn@60. The whole concert sounded like a conversation, a conversation between the players and instruments, between the instruments themselves and between the players and the audience. Each single instrument played a role as one of the speakers, they are arguing, stressing their own points but no matter how different their thoughts are, all of them are heading to the same direction under this order.

The artwork is the visual interpretation of this conversation. Listen Hath Arob here (Youtube)

Celi Lee 01