Oct. 24

Untitled Shell of Light

We've recently reacquainted ourselves with the aural pleasures of Burial.

After initially exposing our ears to a very selective range of his work, we've now indulged in a much more detailed listen & what has been exposed is an incredible ability to create organic 'living' music through the use of mechanical technologic means.

The sounds created within his aural landscapes simply feel human, almost like walking outside during a rainy day surrounded by a metropolis greyness. The layers, textures & moods within the overall compositions feel 'hand made', although they've been created by digital means.

Perhaps its these juxtapositions of electronically created audio & organically experienced feelings that makes his music so unique. Perhaps its simply the fact that winter has just arrived & we can't think of a better soundtrack for the season.

These aspects are what we've tried to represent within the works created; a visual representation of two contrasting elements; electronic resonance & animate ambience, that once combined create a rich landscape of emotion & texture that is felt as much as it is listened. 

Pandarosa 01
Pandarosa 02
Pandarosa 03